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18 Gauge Steel - "Primrose"
Funeral Home Retail Price: $3,195.00
The Casket Depot Price: $1,895.00
African Padauk Veneer Casket
Funeral Home Retail Price: $4,995.00
The Casket Depot Price: $1,795.00

Reasons To Purchase From The Casket Depot

The funeral industry takes advantage of consumers when they are most vulnerable. Caskets and related funeral merchandise costs have skyrocketed outpacing inflation for the past 10 years. Funeral homes believe that you will continue to accept these increases. Their future depends on it. Large corporate - owned funeral homes count on what they consider to be a captive audience to translate your misplaced trust in them into enormous stockholder profits.

The Casket Depot offers affordable, high quality caskets to the public far below the high retail prices charged by your local funeral home. We offer the same caskets as funeral homes, priced 50% to 75% lower.


Keep more money in your pocket when you take advantage of The Casket Depotís ability to deliver high quality caskets at the lowest prices. We understand that when your loved one dies, you have important decisions to make about the funeral arrangement and many of your choices will be based on the amount of money you want to spend.

Your visit to The Casket Depot demonstrates that you want to be one of the many consumers who want to be informed about funeral prices and services available to you. Don't be fooled by the overpriced caskets offered by funeral directors trying to separate you from your hard-earned money. We sell high quality caskets at a low price. We ship your order directly to the funeral home or any address that you want. We have FREE delivery and offer expedited delivery service if you need a casket right away.

Our business is not so much about death, but about celebrating the wonders of life. While sorrow may bring you to our site, we hope you will find joy in honoring a life well lived.