Special Order Promethean Casket

Special Order Promethean Casket
The Promethean is probably one of the world's most famous casket. It has been seen rencently in funerals of Micheal Jackson and James Brown. It is often referred to as the "Golden Send Off". The Promethean is a custom made casket manufactured by Batesville Casket Company. It is takes approximately two weeks to manufacture, and the reason for this can be easily seen. It is hand made in Batesville Casket Company's Custom Shop where technicians hand polished its 48ozs/square foot solid bronze to a mirror finish. It has a plush velvet interior and hardware is 24-karat gold plated. It is available in full and half couch designs.

The Promethean Casket Features
• 48 ozs./square foot Bronze
• Velultra Velvet Interior
• 24-Karat Gold Plated Hardware
• Hand-Crafted Over Two Weeks and is Polished to a Mirror Finish
• Semi-Precious Metal That is Naturally Resistant to Rust and Corrosion
• Interior Chemically Protected Against Rust and Corrosion
• Batesville’s Four Point Protection Package
• Locking Mechanism Plus a One Piece Rubber Gasket to Completely Seal the Upper Region of the Casket and a Continuous Weld to Completely Seal the Bottom
• Tested for Resistance to Entry of Outside Elements
• Swing Bar Hardware
• Rounded Corner Design
• Fully Adjustable Bed
• Unique Family Memorial Portfolio
• Memorial Record System
• Living Memorial Program
• Full Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Promethean. . . . . .$24,000.00


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Batesville Casket Company is renowned for making premium quality caskets and urns. It traces its roots back to 1884 when John Hillenbrand began producing quality hand made wooden caskets with ornate designs and carvings. In 1906, Hillenbrand purchased the failing Batesville Coffin Company and renamed it to Batesville Casket Company.